Sunday, February 8, 2009

As Winter FINALLY starts to leave us (maybe), I realize that I haven't kept up with our blog. I started this blog mainly so that I, and future generations, could have a small piece of what our family was all about. As of now, it is a very small manuscript.

As we continue to grow as a family, I can't help but to continue to understand the need for the circle of life. As we continue to go through family trials, as we all do daily, it reminds me of all the sacrifices my own family did on my behalf and I feel sure that our children will someday, if not now, realize their own parents sacrifices, and understand why they were made. It becomes harder to judge and easier to forgive as we go through our own trials and temptations with our own families.

Nathan finally had his braces removed! He now has a lisp due to his retainers but that will soon go away. He doesn't seem to be that thrilled about it, as I am, but he will be grateful someday - or I will disown him. Wait, as stated above, it's all about forgiveness. I'll probably just let him know how I feel, make him feel guilty, and let it go. I have to have some fun. (ha, ha) He has a nice smile, now he just has to use it more! On a positive note, Scott caught Nathan talking to the new missionary in the hallway at church today all about being on a mission. Seems he is seriously thinking about it. Nate has to do anything on his own terms, so we are thankful that he is asking the questions.

Isaiah is starting club wrestling and puberty. He would dislike that I am writing about his puberty but, again, I must include some fun in my life. He is anxiously waiting for his "growth spurt" but Scott and I don't see it coming. He is growing, just at a steady rate, which is what Scott did and so....we will see.

Kael is in kindergarten and he really does enjoy it. He sometimes has a hard time sitting in class but he always wants to please and tries his very best. He loves to ride the bus and play with his friends. He would play with a friend every second of every day if he could. He is also wrestling and does very well. So far he enjoys practices but doesn't like to lose so we will see how the wrestling tournaments go. He will be starting machine pitch baseball in March.

Logan wants to keep up with his brother and can't wait for pre-school to start next Fall. If he had his way, he would be in wrestling and baseball right beside his brother. Logan is our last child and has a sensitive, sweet disposition which, on a selfish note, is so wonderful to have since each milestone he goes through will be our last. This adds so much more significance to each stage he passes through and we cherish those milestones with much appreciation and gratitude.

Hope all is well with you and your families!


steveandamybrossard said...

I'm glad my family and I are part of your little circle of life. I can't believe how much the kids are growing and how fast time is going by. Oh, and thanks for the Thanksgiving pictures, I used them!

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